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Timmins mine developer finetuning its processing plans – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – February 26, 2021)

Gowest Gold reports that it has successfully completed processing of its first development ore from its Bradshaw gold deposit, north of Timmins.

The Toronto-based mine builder sent 23,000 tonnes of gold-bearing material from a bulk sample and trucked it to Northern Sun’s Redstone Mill during December and January. More than 1,000 tonnes of concentrate went to the Humon Smelter in China.

The company said gold recovery from the mill showed steady improvement as the processed advanced. This testing program remains ongoing. Continue Reading →

A rival for Sudbury? Company hopes to turn Timmins into the new nickel capital – by Colleen Romaniuk (Sudbury Star – February 10, 2021)

Canada Nickel Company describes its Crawford site as the largest nickel sulphide discovery since the 1970s

The CEO and Chairman of Canada Nickel Company told a Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce audience on Tuesday that it is coming for Sudbury’s Big Nickel.

The company is in the process of “aggressively advancing” its Crawford nickel-cobalt sulphide project about 40 kilometres north of Timmins, which it describes as the largest nickel sulphide discovery since the early 1970s.

As part of the ongoing project, Canada Nickel recently launched a subsidiary called NetZero Metals to begin research and development on a processing facility that could produce zero-carbon nickel, cobalt, and iron products. Continue Reading →

Could Timmins become Northern Ontario’s new nickel capital? – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – February 9, 2021)

A nickel supercycle is set to begin, thanks to Elon Musk, and Canada Nickel wants to be first to production

An upstart mine developer wouldn’t mind having Timmins knock off Sudbury among the world’s leading nickel mining camps.

Canada Nickel Company chair and CEO Mark Selby thinks his Crawford nickel sulphide deposit is a “global-scale” discovery with multi-million-tonne potential that could be a robust producer for generations.

Selby explained in a Feb. 9 web presentation to a Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce audience of the sudden emergence of the Crawford Project in the historic Timmins gold and base metal mining camp. Continue Reading →

Timmins Mayor George Pirie highly optimistic about mining’s future – by Kevin Vincent (Mining Life – January 15, 2021)

Ask the mayor of Timmins about the state and future of mining in Timmins and you are in for a lesson on global economics. Timmins is undergoing a huge boost to its mining sector and George Pirie couldn’t be happier for the entire region.

Pirie, the former President and CEO of Placer Dome Canada, played a pivotal role in early talks with Kirkland Lake Gold on their decision to move its Canadian Operations Centre and more than 120 jobs to Timmins, a project Pirie quietly initiated when he was first elected in 2018.

Add to that, the announcement of IAMGOLD’s billion-dollar Cote Lake Mine south of Timmins, and a massive uptick in exploration in the Timmins camp, and you have an extremely robust picture that any mayor would welcome. Continue Reading →

Mining town keeps digging its way out of dire predictions – by Diane Armstrong (Timmins Daily Press – January 13, 2021)

In spite of the warnings that Northern Ontario would die “as soon as the ore runs out,” in my heart I always rejected that feeling of impermanence. The Pollyanna in me thinks there is still a bright future on the horizon.

In 1903, silver deposits were discovered in Cobalt. It was likely the most significant event in the history of Northern Ontario. At that time, the area was uninhabited wilderness.

By 1910, more than 3,000 men were employed in underground mining; the population of the town was 6,000 and nearby Haileybury had a population of 5,000. Depending on various sources, there were between 38 mines and/or 100 mines or mining companies in the Cobalt area. Continue Reading →

Canada Nickel signs deal to process at Kidd Met site – by Andrew Autio (Toronto Star – January 11, 2021)

Upstart mining firm Canada Nickel Company said it is very excited about a new MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) they have entered into with Glencore Canada Operation to potentially use the Kidd concentrator and metallurgical site for its exciting new nickel project north of Timmins.

The non-binding agreement was officially announced on Monday. “We’ve been in discussions over the last couple of months,” Canada Nickel Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Selby told The Daily Press.

Canada Nickel Company has a 100 per cent ownership in the Crawford Project located approximately 40 kilometres north of the city. Continue Reading →

Life on Mars? Billion-year-old water found near Timmins could offer glimpse into the past – by Manuela Vega (Toronto Star – January 2, 2021)

Scientists are hoping water found near Timmins, Ont., that is more than a billion years old can provide insight into the possibility that life once existed on Mars.

Dr. Barbara Sherwood Lollar, a University of Toronto geochemist, first found the ancient salt water 2.4 kilometres underground in Kidd Creek Mine in 2009.

It took Sherwood Lollar’s team four years to verify the age of the water. They then began sampling it for microscopic life. Four to five years later, they confirmed that microbes lived in the water. Continue Reading →

Mayor sees economic prospects for Timmins in 2021 – by Andrew Autio (Timmins Daily Press – January 1, 2021)

While every calendar year has its own trials and tribulations, the year 2020 was a particularly challenging one, and is unlikely to be remembered fondly by most people.

Timmins Mayor George Pirie has seen many ups and downs this year, but he feels there is some positive momentum heading into 2021. As he reflects back to this time one year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic, which would soon become all-encompassing, was in its early stages of development.

“I don’t think anybody really understood what this virus is all about,” said Pirie. He said city officials saw what was happening in Asia, Italy and other early hotspots and had their fingers crossed the spread wouldn’t reach North America, Canada and Northern Ontario. Continue Reading →

Gold ounces jump at Moneta’s Matheson-area project – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – December 11, 2020)

The gold resource estimate at Moneta Porcupine Mines’ prospective mine property, near Matheson in northeastern Ontario, has increased by more than 200 per cent.

The Toronto junior miner posted a new mineral resource for its Golden Highway Project based on an exploration drilling program conducted during the first half of this year.

The Golden Highway Project, located 100 kilometres east of Timmins, shows both open pit and underground mine potential. Continue Reading →

KL Gold sets sights on Timmins for regional office – by Andrew Autio (Timmins Daily Press – December 1, 2020)

Kirkland Lake Gold views Timmins as an integral part of the company’s future according to its president and chief executive officer Tony Makuch.

Makuch, a native of Timmins, has more than 30 years of experience as a mining engineer. He joined KL Gold in July 2016. Before that, he was the CEO of Lake Shore Gold from 2008 until 2016, when it was acquired by Tahoe Resources.

This past week, he was the guest speaker for the latest edition of The State of Mining — a series of discussions hosted by the Timmins Chamber of Commerce over the video conferencing platform Zoom. Continue Reading →

Rob McEwen shares investment strategies at the Global Mining Symposium – by Trish Saywell (Northern Miner – November 11, 2020)

Global mining news

The Northern Miner’s Global Mining Symposium this week featured an interview with Canadian mining entrepreneur Rob McEwen, chief owner and chairman of McEwen Mining (TSX: ; NYSE: MUX).

The legendary investor, perhaps best known for transforming Goldcorp into a global powerhouse and revitalizing the Red Lake gold mine in Ontario, shared his philosophy on everything from how to pick the right companies in which to invest to how unprecedented government spending around the world is creating the next bull market for gold.

“I am convinced that the price of gold is going much higher and owning gold bullion is the safest way for me to protect my capital and the best way to make large capital gains is investing in distressed and overlooked explorers and turnaround situations,” he told Anthony Vaccaro, the Northern Miner’s publisher, during the online conference. Continue Reading →

Nickel explorer seeks to bring new life to two former Timmins mines – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – November 3, 2020)

Class 1 Nickel posts a two-million-tonne-plus resource at Alexo-Dundonald Project

A new nickel sulphide player has fully emerged in the Timmins camp seeking to revive a well-known piece of mining ground.

Class 1 Nickel and Technologies released a very promising new mineral resource estimate for its Alexo-Dundonald Nickel Project, 45 kilometres northeast of the city.

The Toronto-based company reported an updated estimated indicated mineral resource of 1.25 million tonnes with an average grade of 0.99 per cent of nickel, and a total estimated inferred mineral resource of 1.01 million tonnes with an average grade of 1.08 per cent. Continue Reading →

Canada Nickel CEO sees “multi-decade resource base” near Timmins – by Ian Ross – October 22, 2020)

New discovery, high grades at Crawford Project spur hope of a call from Elon Musk

Canada Nickel Company has made a new discovery on an already blossoming Timmins-area exploration property that’s being studied for an open-pit mine.

In talking about the Crawford Project’s open-ended potential, company chair and CEO Mark Selby said in an Oct. 22 web call to investors that they’re “just getting started” in unlocking the value of this project, and their other prospective properties, north of the city.

The Toronto junior miner released an updated mineral calculation, and its high-grade values, on Crawford’s Main Zone on Wednesday. It places the property into the world’s top 10 list of nickel sulphide projects, not including the strides they’ve made with recent discoveries to the east and west. Continue Reading →

Gold mining industry in Ontario during Q2 2020 – by Vladimir Basov (Kitco News – October 21, 2020)

Gold production in Ontario in Q2 2020 declined by 17% over Q2 2019 due to suspensions related to COVID-19 crisis. Detour Lake was the largest gold mine in Ontario.

Ontario is the largest gold-producing Canadian province or territory. According to the Ontario Mining Association, the region produced 73,733 kilograms of gold in 2019, which equates to 2,371 thousand troy ounces of gold, or 42% of total gold produced in Canada.

Based on available quarterly corporate reports, Ontario produced 528 kozt of gold in Q2 2020 from primary gold mines and as a by-product of base metals and platinum group metals operations. This significant 17% decline over the corresponding period of 2019 (638 kozt) was primarily caused by suspensions related to COVID-19 crisis. Continue Reading →

Exploration group says Timmins could become new nickel mining capital of Ontario (CBC News Sudbury – September 23, 2020)

There could be a bright future in nickel for the city that has been known for its heart of gold.

Exploration company Canada Nickel is developing its Crawford Nickel Cobalt Sulphide Project, a significant nickel deposit north of Timmins, and officials with the company say they’re committed to extracting and processing the mineral in an environmentally-friendly way.

A subsidiary called NetZero Metals, will be researching ways to start a processing facility that would produce zero-carbon nickel, cobalt and iron. Mark Selby, Canada Nickel’s CEO, said he’s optimistic about Timmins’ future. Continue Reading →