NGM unlocking synergies by consolidating mines, teams and processing facilities – Bristow (Mining Weekly – September 23, 2022)

US-based Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) continues to demonstrate the impact of Barrick Gold’s strategy of combining the best assets with the best people as new projects and prospects secure its future as a high-quality, long-life operation for decades to come, says NGM chairperson Mark Bristow.

Speaking during a visit by a group of equity analysts and investors to the development of the Goldrush underground project, the openpit operations and processing facilities at Cortez, and the Third Shaft project and core shack at Turquoise Ridge, Bristow said NGM had unlocked significant synergies by consolidating mines, teams, processing facilities and landholdings.

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The Race for US Lithium Hinges on a Fight Over a Nevada Mine – by Daniel Moore (Bloomberg News – September 5, 2022)

(Bloomberg) — The high-desert mountain pass overlooking alfalfa fields and RV parks doesn’t look like a battleground that will shape the country’s clean energy future.

But when the rock samples here are pulverized, pulled apart and mixed with chemicals, they yield a metal increasingly seen as white gold: lithium, a critical ingredient for batteries used in electric vehicles, solar energy storage, and consumer electronics.

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Workers report feeling unsafe at Nevada’s largest gold-mining corporation – by Nick Bowlin and Daniel Rothberg (High Country News – August 15, 2022)

In 2019, Barrick Gold Corp and Newmont formed a mega-company that would be managed by Barrick’s executives. The new company, Nevada Gold Mines, now accounts for about 75% of the state’s gold production.

Earlier this year, High Country News and The Nevada Independent published an investigation into Nevada Gold Mines’ outsized influence in northeastern Nevada. With about 7,000 employees and 4,000 contractors, Nevada Gold Mines dominates the economy of that part of the state, operating with enormous influence and little competition.

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The cost of green energy: The nation’s biggest lithium mine may be going up on a site sacred to Native Americans – by Chloe Atkins and Christine Romo (NBC News – August 11, 2022)

The huge project on public land, approved by the Trump administration in its final days, has sparked an outcry and a lawsuit, but opposition among Native Americans is not unanimous.

Thacker Pass, a remote valley in the high desert of northern Nevada, will always be sacred for Gary McKinney of the Paiute-Shoshone Tribe. He often visits to honor ancestors said to be killed here by U.S. soldiers in 1865. “It’s been a gathering place for our people,” said McKinney, who lives on the Duck Valley Reservation, 100 miles to the east.

McKinney and others are now fighting a new battle over an open-pit mine planned for Thacker Pass, which sits atop a massive lode of lithium. Driven by soaring demand for lithium, which is vital to electric car batteries and renewable energy, a company called Lithium Americas hopes to break ground this year on the biggest lithium mine in the U.S.

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Lithium Miner Ioneer Finds Workaround for Wildflower That’s Stalling US Project – by Yvonne Yue Li (Bloomberg News – August 4, 2022)

(Bloomberg) — A lithium supplier for Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. expects to clear an environmental hurdle involving a rare flower next year, paving the way for deliveries to electric-vehicle makers ahead of looming shortages of the battery metal.

Ioneer Ltd. seeks to build its Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project in Nevada, but the Australian company has been unable to get federal permits because public lands near the site are home to the endangered wildflower Tiehm’s buckwheat. The US Fish and Wildlife Service said in February it planned to designate about 910 acres near the project as a critical habitat for the pale yellow flower.

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Northern mine supply companies encouraged to bet on Nevada – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – June 27, 2022)

Sudbury-based MineConnect now has a sister organization based in Nevada called ‘MineConnect USA’

MineConnect, the Sudbury-based organization that promotes Northern Ontario mining supply and service companies, is encouraging a new connection with the U.S. state of Nevada.

The campaign, which has been underway for a couple of years already, was highlighted at the recent annual convention of the Prospectors and Developers Association. That’s where former MineConnect executive director Paul Bradette of Sudbury talked about the value of Northern businesses connecting with the mining industry in Nevada.

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AMC Buys Stake in Gold and Silver Mine in Nevada – by John J Edwards III (Bloomberg – March 15, 2022)

(Bloomberg) — AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. said it’s buying 22% of a gold and silver mining company, marking an unorthodox move for the world’s largest movie-theater chain and a past darling of meme-stock investors. The cinema giant is investing in Hycroft Mining Holding Corp. alongside Eric Sprott, a gold and silver investor, AMC said in a statement Tuesday.

The parties’ equal stakes total $56 million, “which will help Hycroft considerably lengthen its financial runway,” AMC said. The investment from AMC is a much-needed boost for Denver-based Hycroft Mining, which is trying to get the mine up and running on a sustainable, commercial basis.

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Thacker Pass lithium project gets national spotlight – by Timothy Burmeister (Elko Daily Free Press – March 10, 2022)

Thacker Pass today is a quiet stretch of land in Northern Nevada, rolling prairie nestled against the mountains, with lots of sagebrush and few people around.

But in the past year the area has become a hotspot of controversy, with national media pulling in to talk with protesters opposed to the Thacker Pass lithium mine that Lithium Americas is working toward building on the site. Some protesters have been camped out near the project site. Lengthy stories have been written on the protesters and the project.

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Between a rock and a hard place: The energy transition is sparking America’s next mining boom (The Economist – February 19, 2022)

About 16m years ago, a supervolcano that straddled the borders of what is now Oregon and Nevada erupted, forming the McDermitt Caldera. The volcanic activity pushed lithium-rich rock up near the Earth’s surface, creating the largest known lithium deposit in the United States.

Today, the same terrain around the Montana Mountains is carpeted with sagebrush, and coyotes are heard more often than people. But that may soon change. Lithium Americas, a Canadian company, has plans to build a mine and processing plant at Thacker Pass, near the southern tip of the caldera in Nevada. It would be America’s biggest lithium mine.

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Lithium: A year of progress and protests – by Timothy Burmeister (Elko Daily Free Press – January 1, 2022)

With the anticipated need for a lot more lithium to put into batteries to help power a greener future, you might think environmentalists would give a pass to some of the negative effects of the proposed lithium mines that are being planned at sites around Nevada. That’s not the case. The opposition to some of the proposed mines has been strong and may even be ramping up.

Thacker PassLithium Americas’ Thacker Pass lithium mine may be the biggest project on the horizon, and it is facing lots of opposition. Lithium Americas has been working for years on plans for Thacker Pass, which is about 60 miles northwest of Winnemucca.

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Batteries and the new “lithium gold-rush” (CBC News – November 7, 2021)

In the mountains of northern Nevada, the fuel of the future lies in the shadow of the past. Sixteen million years ago, the area now called Thacker Pass was the site of a giant volcanic eruption … and volcanologist Tom Benson has been searching the world for places just like it. He says an eruption here millions of years ago left behind the key to unlock the electric vehicle revolution.

It’s called lithium, the lightest solid element on that chart most of us only periodically remember from high school chemistry. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are what power our cell phones, computers, even toothbrushes, and are now the fuel for all those electric vehicles starting to roll off the assembly line.

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COMMENTARY: Senator assures industry Nevada will remain a mining colony – by Hugh Jackson (Nevada Current – October 7, 2021)


Harry Reid must be so proud. “Revision of our mining laws has been a regular topic for more than 100 years,” Reid wrote in 2009 when he was Senate Majority Leader. “During my time in Congress, I have fought against and defeated many ill-conceived reform efforts that would have hurt rural Nevada.”

Reid was being modest. He fought against and defeated every effort, no matter how ill- or well-conceived, to reform the antiquated 1872 Mining Law when he was in the Senate.

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Cassels Brock, Stikeman Elliott and Blakes advising on US$370 million mining deal – by Angelica Dino (Canadian Lawyer – September 22, 2021)

Deal involving Vancouver miner will consolidate one of the largest new gold districts in Nevada

To consolidate one of the largest new gold districts in Nevada, AngloGold Ashanti is buying out Vancouver-based Corvus Gold Inc. for a total transaction cost of US$370 million.

Acting for Corvus is Blakes Cassels & Graydon, Cassels Brock & Blackwell and Dorsey & Whitney. The Cassels Brock team includes Jen Hansen, Jeffrey Roy, Jackson Phillips, David Overall, Chris Norton and Chris Hersh. Stikeman Elliott is advising AngloGold.

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Tribes lose bid to block digging at lithium mine in Nevada – by Scott Sonner (Elko Daily – September 6, 2021)

RENO (AP) — A federal judge has denied tribal leaders’ bid to temporarily block digging for an archaeological study required before construction can begin for a Nevada lithium mine on what they say is sacred land where their ancestors were massacred more than century ago.

U.S. District Judge Miranda Du refused three tribes’ request for a preliminary injunction blocking the trenching planned to collect samples near the Oregon state line at the site of the largest known lithium deposit in the United States.

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EDITORIAL: Environmentalists vs. electric vehicles (Las Vegas Review-Journal – August 15, 2021)

Despite their shrill alarmism over global warming, environmentalists are perhaps the biggest obstacles to increasing U.S. production of the minerals needed to make batteries for electric vehicles.

This month, President Joe Biden signed a symbolic executive order urging that half of new vehicles be electric by 2030. In announcing the move, the Biden administration lamented that China is in the pole position on EV manufacturing.
“China is increasingly cornering the global supply chain for electric vehicles and batteries with its fast-growing electric vehicle market,” a White House fact sheet stated.

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