Gold smuggling the subject of a new book from Timmins, Ont. author Kevin Vincent (CBC News Sudbury – November 5, 2023)

‘City of Thieves’ contains 10 stories about gold smuggling in northern Ontario and Quebec

In the late 1940s a mine mill worker named Eddie Clement figured out a way to steal gold from the Delnite Mine in Timmins, Ont. The next decade he orchestrated three major gold heists, and was never caught.

Clement’s early years as a gold thief are the subject of a short story in a new book called City of Thieves, from Timmins author Kevin Vincent.

Vincent interviewed Clement in the early 1990s, before he died, and held on to that story for all these years. His new book features nine other true stories about organized crime and gold thefts in northern Ontario.

“There are thousands and thousands of these stories out there,” Vincent said. “So I just kind of made it my life’s mission to dig into this as deep as I possibly could.”

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