Province urged to shift focus on future mining away from Ring of Fire – by Ron Grech (Timmins Press – September 25, 2023)

Equally promising opportunities cited with existing mining projects near Timmins and Sudbury

The Ontario government is being called upon by an Indigenous-led conservation effort to support existing mining projects rather than opening new ground within the Ring of Fire.

“There are at least six different large nickel projects in the Timmins and Sudbury area,” said Anna Baggio, director of conservation planning with the Wildlands League, which has teamed up with Mushkegowuk Council in support of establishing a National Marine Conservation Area along the James and Hudson Bay coast.

She said it makes more economic sense to extract where there are roads, railways and mining infrastructure already in place. She cited the Crawford Project, being developed 43 kilometres north of Timmins by Canada Nickel, as one of the preferred sites. Besides, Baggio added, those projects could be in production much sooner than anything being proposed within the Ring of Fire.

Baggio was among the guest speakers at the “Breathing Lands” presentation held at the Timmins Museum on Sunday. Speakers included representatives from the National Audubon Society and the Wildlands League. They spoke about how the peatlands south of James Bay provide a vital habitat to birds and are a “massive cooling agent for the entire globe.”

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