Canada Nickel looking to build two processing facilities in Timmins – by Maija Hoggett (Northern Ontario Business – February 8, 2024)

Toronto mine developer looks to break ground on zero-emission project in mid-2025

A Toronto nickel company is seeking to position Timmins as a global source of clean critical minerals. Timmins MPP George Pirie, the provincial minister of mines, was in town Feb. 8 for Canada Nickel’s announcement that it’s developing two processing facilities — one for nickel and another for stainless-steel and alloy production.

The facilities would be the downstream processing element for its proposed Crawford open-pit nickel mine.When complete, Canada Nickel CEO Mark Selby said the nickel processing facility will be the largest in North America, while the stainless-steel and alloy production will be the largest in Canada.

“Each of these plants will be designed to utilize our carbon storage capacity at Crawford, and allow each of these facilities to be world-leading zero carbon facilities: zero carbon nickel, and zero carbon steel,” said Selby during the announcement.

“As nickel demand is set to more than double over the next 10 years, this nickel-processing capacity fills a critical link in the supply chain from mining critical minerals through to electric vehicle manufacturing.” The company provided no price tag on the processing plants, nor mentioned how it would be financed. But Selby told reporters he hoped to have financing in place by year’s end.

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