NEWS RELEASE: Biden-Harris administration provides $2 million to states to identify critical mineral potential in mine waste (United States Geological Survey – November 7, 2023)

The new agreements funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will support critical mineral mapping and the creation of a national mine waste inventory

RESTON, Va. — The U.S. Geological Survey has invested more than $2 million from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in cooperative agreements with 14 states to study the potential for critical mineral resources in mine waste. This funding will allow the USGS and these states to better map the locations of mine waste and measure the potential for critical minerals that might exist in that mine waste.

“These agreements are allowing us and the states to take a second look at places that were once known for their mineral production to see if there might yet be some new critical mineral potential, just waiting to be found,” said Darcy McPhee, program manager for the USGS Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (Earth MRI), which provided the funding for the agreements.

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Could AI help find valuable mineral deposits? (The Economist – November 7, 2023)

Computers have keener eyes than geologists

The future is electric. That means it will need a lot of batteries, motors and wires. That, in turn, means a lot of cobalt, copper, lithium and nickel with which to build them. Great times, then, for prospectors, and particularly for any who think they can increase the efficiency of their profession.

Several firms are applying artificial intelligence (ai) to the process, both to improve the odds of surface strikes and to detect underground ore bodies that are invisible to current techniques.

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