Cast a ballot, learn about Giant Mine: public info session on arsenic trioxide takes place on election night – by Mah Noor Mubarik (CBC News Canada North – November 1, 2023)

Session is meant to help people learn about long-term plans for toxic arsenic trioxide

An independent board meant to review the Giant Mine clean-up is holding an information session so people can learn more about long-term plans for the highly toxic arsenic trioxide buried underneath the mine site. The session will be held on the same evening as the territorial election.

The Giant Mine Oversight Board’s chair, David Livingstone, said the date for the meeting was set before wildfires led to the postponement of the election. He said it took four months to set up and would be impossible to reschedule easily.

The meeting would allow people to learn more about the research, next steps and permanent solutions for the arsenic trioxide buried at Yellowknife’s Giant Mine site. Researchers from across Canada are coming to attend the meeting and their hotels and flights have already been booked.

“It would have been a major delay in holding that meeting had we postponed it because we would then have to go back to all the researchers and all the other folks, and organize another time when people could get together,” said Livingstone, adding that probably wouldn’t have happened until in the new year.

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