The hunt for diamonds dazzles Cruz Cobalt – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – September 24, 2020)

Vancouver cobalt hunter dusting off northeastern projects to evaluate gemstone potential

One of northeastern Ontario largest landholders of prospective cobalt properties has been transfixed by the discovery of diamonds.

Vancouver’s Cruz Cobalt has emerged from a period of inactivity to announce that the resurgence in diamond exploration near its five properties near Cobalt has swayed them to start searching for these gemstones.

In a recent release, the company said it’s onboard with the “renewed chase” to find the source of the historic Nipissing Yellow Diamond.

The stone was rumoured to be 800 carats at the time of its discovery sometime between 1903 and 1905 in the area of the silver mines near the town of Cobalt.

“There has been a large amount of work done right around Cruz’s properties this year where a recent diamond discovery has been made in the vicinity of our property,” said Cruz president Jim Nelson in a news release.

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