OMA President Addresses North Bay CIM Members

This article was provided by the Ontario Mining Association (OMA), an organization that was established in 1920 to represent the mining industry of the province.

Ontario Mining Association President Chris Hodgson encouraged members of the Canadian Institute of Mining´s Northern Gateway Branch in North Bay to help the public gain a broader appreciation of what mining does for society and the economy.  In speaking to about 120 members of the CIM Branch at a luncheon meeting on December 3, he saluted many of the innovative communications initiatives carried out in North Bay including activities during the city´s Mining Week and reminded them of the many tools the OMA has developed to support these efforts.

“We need to encourage more people to recognize the value of mining to support the industry´s social license to operate,” said Mr. Hodgson.  “Mining benefits all regions of the province and people need to see mining as a benefit to their communities. The outdated image of mining is not something one person, or one company, can change.”  He provided a brief history of the OMA and its origins in 1920. 

In striving to promote our industry, Mr. Hodgson provided the audience with a catalogue of communications tools developed by the OMA — most of which are available on the OMA website  He mentioned the representative mine study conducted by economists at the University of Toronto “Ontario Mining: A Partner in Prosperity Building” which illustrates the local benefits in employment, Gross Domestic Product and tax revenues from one mine.  This study follows through with the direct, indirect and tertiary level benefits.  One representative mine can generate more than 2,200 well paying jobs on different levels, contribute $278 million to the GDP and provide $84 million in taxes annually.

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Ontario Mining Association Feels Mining/Aboriginal/Environmental Communities Can Cooperate in the North

Chris Hodgson - President of the Ontario Mining AssociationThe Ontario Mining Association (OMA), is an organization that was established in 1920 to represent the mining industry of the province.

This letter from Ontario Mining Association President Chris Hodgson to member companies maps out the Association´s position concerning various aspects of Premier Dalton McGuinty´s announcement on plans for the future of Ontario´s northern boreal forest.

Recently, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made an announcement concerning the launch of the Far North Planning Process.  A land use plan for the Far North has been requested by various groups for years and the lead up to this announcement has taken some time.  A fundamental principle of the Ontario Mining Association since its inception in 1920 has been to work productively with the government of the day and, in keeping with this, we have been engaged in an ongoing dialogue on this issue.

You may recall a memo that was sent on June 21, 2007, outlining the points of concern regarding a proposed Far North Planning Initiative that the OMA discussed with various ministers, members of the civil service and political staff. Since that memo was sent, our discussions with the government have taken on greater depth and, lately, more urgency, but the essentials remain the same.  The government is faced with a large task, which requires management of many competing interests.  Recent media reports have been giving rise to mounting expectations for a radical overhaul of the rules around access to land by resource companies. While the OMA supports changes to improve the systems in place, our concern has been that the scope of the initiative not become overwhelming and, therefore, drawn out and largely unmanageable, resulting in irrational decisions and regulatory uncertainty.  

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Mine Rehabilitation in Ontario – By Chris Hodgson

Ed Cocchiarella, Manager Environment Ontario Operations, Vale Inco; Michael Gravelle, MNDM Minister; Gordon Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario; and Chris Hodgson, OMA President
 The Ontario Mining Association represents companies for which environmental stewardship is a cornerstone value. Our members realize that their success depends largely on their ability to help establish healthy communities and sustainable environments in the areas where they operate.

The economic sustainability that mining engenders is often the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, in northern Ontario in particular, there is little need to explain that mining operations play a vital role in the local economy and community life, often bringing in the investment that leads to the development of essential infrastructure and job creation. A recent University of Toronto study brought this home to a wider audience.

It concluded that the contribution of a single representative mine can have an impressive effect on employment and economic output, and that a large proportion of the benefits stay in the local area.

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Chris Hodgson and the Ontario Mining Association (OMA) – An Introduction

The mission of the Ontario Mining Association (OMA) is to support and improve the competitiveness of the mining sector in the province while representing companies engaged in the environmentally responsible exploration, production and processing of minerals in Ontario. Established in 1920 to represent the mining industry of the province, the OMA has 57 member companies. …

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