As affordability crisis hits home, growing majority of Canadians deem oil and gas critical to economy – by Chris Varcoe (Calgary Herald – June 12, 2024)

Almost three-quarters of Canadians consider oil and gas to be important to the country’s economy today

Despite a polarized energy debate and a torrent of criticism toward the oil and gas sector, Canadians’ opinion about the industry’s importance isn’t eroding like a sandcastle facing shifting tides. In fact, it’s growing stronger.

During a keynote address to open the Global Energy Show in Calgary on Tuesday, well-known pollster Nik Nanos says the data is clear: more Canadians are supporting the industry, as “meat and potato” issues such as affordability, jobs and inflation hit home.

“Canadians are practical. They understand the importance of the sector and they definitely understand the importance of the sector today — but also the importance of the sector into the future,” Nanos told the crowd attending the annual conference at the BMO Centre.

“This is where we get into the era of what I’ll say is Canadians being cross-pressured. They have environmental aspirations. They know that we need action on climate change. But they’re looking to reconcile that with paying for the bills, the rising cost of living . . . an economic environment that leads to jobs and prosperity.”

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