Report: Russia has laundered $2.5 billion of African gold since February 2022 – by Martin Fornusek (Kyiv Independent – December 12, 2023)

The Kremlin has laundered $2.5 billion of African gold since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to a report by an international group of researchers and human rights activists published on Dec. 12.

Russia’s illicit activities and ties to authoritarian regimes in Africa have been under the public eye for years. Russian mercenaries on the continent, whose operations help to fill Moscow’s coffers, have been repeatedly accused of human rights abuses against local populations.

The Blood Gold Report reveals that Russia-backed mercenaries, including the Wagner Company, support authoritarian regimes and destabilization in Africa as part of resource extraction schemes that bring Russia more than $100 million per month.

The research focused on Wagner’s operations in three African countries, each illustrating a different method of resource extraction. In the Central African Republic, a Wagner front company has been reportedly awarded exclusive rights to the Ndassima mine, the country’s largest gold mine, in return for propping up an authoritarian regime.

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