Glencore says Nickel Rim South mine in Sudbury slowing down, but not closing altogether – by Kate Rutherford (CBC News Sudbury – November 1, 2023)

Glencore says feasibility study looking at partnership with Vale is about to begin and will go into next year

It has been a good run at Glencore’s Nickel Rim South mine in Sudbury, but for the time being, mining there is coming to an end. The vice-president of Sudbury operations, Peter Xavier, says the 15-year-old mine will transition to what it calls “care and maintenance” by next spring.

But there is more mining to be done in that area, and the next steps in a potential joint venture with Vale are under the magnifying glass. Xavier explains there’s a portion of the ore body where the property boundaries shared by the two companies intersect, but is difficult for each company to mine separately.

“And so from that is sort of born the opportunity to work together and put both resources into the project along with the current asset that we have with Nickel Rim itself; you know, envision or try to study a way to economically pursue that opportunity,” said Xavier.

A feasibility study is about to begin and will go well into next year, he said, but it’s hard to give a timeline on what may or may not happen.

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