Advancing critical mineral exploration research in Northern Ontario – by Dr Andrew P Dean (Innovation News Network – October 30, 2023)


Dr Andrew P Dean, Vice-President of Research and Innovation at Lakehead University, discusses the future of sustainable critical mineral exploration and development in Northern Ontario.

Canada is a world leader in critical mineral exploration and mining technology. Northern Ontario, in particular, has long been viewed as one of the country’s major centres for mining activities.

However, there are challenges facing our region and the industry in general. Expenditures for critical mineral exploration are increasing, but discoveries of new mineral resources are in decline. Companies, governments and communities are tasked with finding ways to undertake sustainable economic development while also ensuring environmental protection and respect for constitutionally protected Indigenous and Treaty rights.

Natural resource development and critical mineral exploration are vital socioeconomic pillars in northern Canada, and regional universities like Lakehead are equipped to help lead these industries into a more sustainable, greener and socially just future. Pairing our record for research excellence and innovation with our location, in the midst of geologically rich Northern Ontario, Lakehead University offers companies access to expertise, innovation and new technology that advance mineral discovery and development along the value chain.

With millions of new dollars in external research funding, two internationally acclaimed research centres, and two new research chairs that intersect in sustainability, resources and the environment, Lakehead is establishing itself as a major hub for advanced critical mineral exploration and development.

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