Marathon and Biitigong Nishnaabeg make preparations ahead of mine approval – Austin Campbell (Northern Ontario Business – October 30, 2023)

North Shore Municipality, First Nation plan and build for an influx of workers and families

While investors and residents await the verdict on Generation Mining’s closure plan for their proposed site outside of Marathon, the township along with Biitigong Nishnaabeg First Nation are pushing through for an increase in housing and enhanced infrastructure in anticipation of a population boom.

The real concern is the sheer number of labourers and transient workers that will soon be moving to the area, including a 1,000-person camp that will be situated on a private property between Marathon and Biitigong Nishnaabeg.

Members of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg participated in a panel process where they spent considerable time examining and preparing for the potential impact the new mine will have on the area. “The community was active in the panel process and identified some of the socioeconomic [impacts] that we anticipated with respect if the mine had received it’s approval,” said Chief Executive Officer Debi Boucher.

“Some of the areas we looked at were, obviously, employment — we have about 1,200 members, about 500 live in-community — and we knew that there was an opportunity for our members to come back for employment, but we didn’t have the facilities to be able to accommodate homes.”

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