Ring of Fire nickel could supply half million cars – by Nicole Stoffman (Timmins Press – October 4, 2023)


CEO remains bullish despite ‘ambitious timeline’

Even if the company aiming to begin mining the Ring of Fire meets its very ambitious production start date of 2030, it will still be “late in the game to capture the increase in the demand for nickel.” Wyloo Ring of Fire CEO Kristan Straub made the comment during a Sept 25 “State of Mining” presentation at the Dante Club hosted by the Timmins Chamber of Commerce.

The worldwide demand for nickel is so great, and the ability for Canada and North America to meet that demand so small, that Straub predicts the world will be moving towards substituting nickel by 2040.

“Which is why we’re pushing to do things quickly, but not at the expense of environmental or social consultation,” Straub said.

“Ford has suspended production on electric vehicles because of the lack of available capacity for batteries. It’s a major concern today,” he said, adding that Canada won’t be able to meet its emissions deductions goals if it doesn’t have the raw materials required for the energy transition.

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