China’s EV Battery Sector Is Preparing a New Breakthrough – by Annie Lee (Bloomberg News – June 5, 2023)

(Bloomberg) — One of China’s top battery-makers reckons it has cracked a technology to provide even cheaper and more powerful packs for electric vehicles. Gotion High-Tech Co. recently unveiled a lithium-iron-manganese-phosphate battery — LMFP for short — which it says will power an EV for 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) on each charge. Until now, it’s largely the more expensive nickel-cobalt batteries have provided that kind of range.

“It’s an upgrade, it’s a leap for energy density,” Cheng Qian, executive president of Gotion’s international business unit, said in a phone interview from Tokyo.

Gotion’s offering adds manganese to existing lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry that was commercialized in China and has been adopted by major EV makers from BYD Co. to Tesla Inc. as a method of cutting the cost of some models. Improvements in LFP that pack more power into smaller packages have helped popularize the technology, which is typically cheaper to manufacture.

LFP batteries almost hit a ceiling of energy density at 190Wh/kg, Cheng said, while Gotion’s new battery could achieve 240Wh/kg. That means it can store more energy in every battery cell, minimizing the weight and size of the pack.

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