Deal over access to ore dock in Skagway, Alaska, ‘critical’ to Yukon, premier says (CBC News North – March 8, 2023)

Yukon Premier Ranj Pillai is calling a potential new deal that would secure access to the ore dock in Skagway, Alaska, “very, very good news for Yukon.” “I’m very proud. I mean, this is a great example of our government taking on something … that’s very critical to the Yukon and to Canada and having the capacity, I guess I would say, to come up with a solution and get this done.”

Skagway recently accepted the terms of the agreement that would see the Yukon government put more than $17 million US toward upgrading one of the town’s docks. For the Yukon, it’s a vital facility for companies to be able to ship ore mined in the territory.

In exchange for the territory’s investment, “designated export users” would get preferential access and a 25 per cent discount on fees for use of the facility. The Yukon government would be the one that designates mining companies, which would have to be in “good standing” with the municipality of Skagway.

The agreement comes as Skagway prepares to take over control of the dock facility later this month from the White Pass and Yukon Route railway, the company that leased it for more than five decades. The town then plans to begin upgrade work, which it hopes to complete by 2025.

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