A critical look at critical minerals – by Philippe Tortell, Nadja Kunz, Allen Edzerza, Dave Porter (Policy Options – February 21, 2023)

Policy Options

Canada needs to modernize its mining legislation and draw on Indigenous leadership to truly achieve its global mineral ambitions.

In late 2022, the federal government released its much-anticipated critical minerals strategy. This is the latest in a series of national plans aimed at securing minerals vital for renewable energy, electric vehicles and other low-carbon technologies.

The strategy aims to position Canada as a globally significant supplier of copper, nickel, lithium and other elements whose demand is expected to increase over the coming decades.

Meeting this ambitious goal is critical to addressing the climate crisis. But the path forward won’t be easy. It will demand nothing less than re-imagining the future of mineral exploration and mining.

As a group of interdisciplinary scholars, Indigenous leaders and industry partners, we support transformational change in the mining sector that promotes environmental sustainability and reconciliation with Indigenous communities.

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