Welcome to Canada, where we hesitate instead of hustle – by Heather Scoffield (Toronto Star – November 18, 2022)


When it comes to future prosperity, Canada talks fast but moves slowly, Heather Scoffield writes.

Here’s a new slogan to sum up Canada’s approach to boosting prosperity: Welcome to Canada, where we hesitate instead of hustle. Our industrial strategy, vaunted but not clearly defined. Our China policy, much hinted at but not yet published. Our critical minerals, heavily marketed but not yet mined. Our zero-carbon efforts, subsidized but not likely to remain competitive.

Those are the building blocks of not just our economic direction, but also the politics that motivate both the Conservatives and Liberals. Our leaders definitely talk a good game though.

The call from business and politicians of all stripes for governments to be more deliberate in fostering economic growth are growing louder and louder, and the rhetoric certainly suggests the country’s leaders are embracing the appeal.

From Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, we hear a call for “friend-shoring,” by which we favour trade and investment with countries that share our values — and shun those who don’t.

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