Energy crisis the inconvenient consequence of demonizing the oil and gas industry – by Rex Murphy (National Post – November 3, 2022)

What did Joe Biden and others like him — including in Canada — expect to happen?

Joe Biden, the Wise, as history must record him, has recently brought his fabled wit’s lacerating whip to “big oil.” Thank you, Joseph.

Naturally the sage of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is enraged beyond simple anger that the price of oil and gas has risen staggeringly, that half of Europe is in a dictator’s energy hammerlock, and that his so-called Middle East allies are rebuking his teary-eyed pleas to increase oil production. He is, as the paradoxical idiom has it, “beside himself.”

How little all of this squares with the Aristotle of our time’s first executive decision, his signature move as president, made on his first day in office, to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. That was the sign and emblem, that he was green, and that green was the direction of his incumbency.

Recall in consideration. He was fighting Donald Trump, so not only was not all permitted, all was necessary. “Sauron” Trump was for drilling. So it had to be stopped. Consider Biden’s nine-point Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution released during his campaign, wherein he promised that “Day 1 of the Biden Administration is going to be very busy!

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