Upcoming election won’t change federal response to Robinson-Huron Treaty annuities – by Jenny Lamothe (Sudbury.com – August 18, 2021)


A recent announcement regarding the Robinson-Huron Treaty annuities case has Chief Dean Sayers of Batchewana First Nation feeling a little more at ease, especially in light of the upcoming federal election.

The 21 signatories of the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850 have been in court since a 2018 decision in favour of the signatories, one that the provincial government appealed. Both stages of that appeal are complete but the decision has yet to be rendered. The federal government, however, decided against appealing.

And now, the correspondence recently received by the signatories states that regardless of the party behind the new Canadian government, the decision will not be appealed.

Sayers told Sudbury.com that he considers this to be one of the “building blocks” that will lead to the province finally settling the case.

“When I think of it as non-partisan, my thought would be that, regardless of whoever comes into government, whether it’s a Liberal or Conservative government, they have the obligation to implement this augmentation clause, regardless of their party,” said Sayers.

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