Coal Association seeks responsible Alberta development (Coal Association of Canada – June 24, 2021)

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The Coal Association of Canada called for responsible coal development in Alberta in a presentation to the province’s Coal Policy Committee.

A little background: The Alberta government quietly opened more than a million hectares of land on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains last year. The backlash was predictable and quick, and in February, the province promised to reinstate the 1976 coal policy to protect these areas. But it did not cancel the new coal leases it had granted during the flip-flop.

Now the Coal Association is walking a fine line between producers and the government. “Responsible coal development and environmental stewardship can co-exist.

We can protect our natural heritage while creating high paying jobs in an industry that values safety and human rights,” said Robin Campbell, president of the Coal Association of Canada.

“The public debate over the future of coal mining in Alberta touches on fundamental values, such as the rights of Indigenous peoples and the protection of Alberta’s mountains, rivers and natural heritage.

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