Nickel: No longer a forgotten battery metal – by Gerard Peter (Mining Review Africa – June 7, 2021)

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Nickel will be the key beneficiary of electric vehicle (EV) adoption against the backdrop of other battery metals such as lithium and cobalt, supported by its dominant long-range capabilities. Furthermore, a wealth of nickel deposits will position Africa to benefit from an uptrend in prices in the coming years writes GERARD PETER.

These are the key findings of a recent Fitch Solutions report that looks at the opportunities and risks for nickel in the battery revolution.

The basis of the report has been founded on a recent Mining Review Africa webinar titled, Nickel: The Forgotten Battery Metal where Fitch Solutions, Carly Cassidy was a participant.

The webinar discussed an anticipated uptick in nickel demand from the accelerated growth of EV adoption and the opportunities for Africa to benefit from the battery boom.

According to the report, when surveyed about the role nickel currently plays in the EV and battery markets, most Webinar attendees expressed the opinion that nickel holds a, “weak role as it could be replaced by other commodities as technology evolves.”This attests to the perception of nickel as a ‘forgotten’ battery metal.

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