Talk of proposed gravel pit divides quiet village outside London – by Colin Butler (CBC News London – April 14, 2021)

A fight over a sand and gravel pit in the village of Thorndale, Ont., puts one of the village’s wealthiest families against a neighbourhood group that says the mining operation would create noise, dust, traffic and would undermine the quiet community’s bucolic way of life.

The proposed site is only a few hundred metres away from the village’s main intersection of King St. and Nissouri Rd. and directly upwind from a neighbourhood of single family homes with walking trails, playgrounds and a public school.

“It just seems very odd to be placing it that close to town, subdivisions, schools. The dust is going to go in that direction for sure,” said Rae Tamowski, the spokesman for the neighbourhood group opposed to the gravel pit.

If approved, the gravel pit would yield 300,000 tonnes of lucrative construction-grade sand and gravel each year for the next three to five years for roads, foundations and concrete.

Opponents claim the mining operation would bring the rumble of more heavy trucks through the community and that prevailing winds would carry the dust generated from mining into the community, coating nearby homes, yards and even swimming pools in a thick layer of silica dust.

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