Poland plans USD40bn investment in new nuclear plants (World Nuclear News – September 9, 2020)


The new Poland’s Energy Policy for 2040 (PEP2040) is based on three pillars: a just transition; a zero-emission energy system; and good air quality.

The first 1-1.6 GWe nuclear unit is to be commissioned in 2033, with five more units, or 6-9 GWe, to follow by 2040. The investment expected to be required for this is PLN150 billion (USD39.7 billion). New jobs created by the country’s nuclear and renewable energy sectors are expected to total 300,000.

“The transition will cover many sectors, but it is energy that plays a particularly important role in the fight against climate change. The updated Poland’s energy policy for 2040 takes this into account in its assumptions, on an equal footing with the need to ensure energy security, a just transition, reconstruction after the coronavirus pandemic, a stable labour market, sustainable development of the economy and strengthening its competitiveness,” Kurtyka said.

By 2040, more than half of installed electricity capacity will be from zero-emission sources, according to the new policy. The implementation of offshore wind power and the start-up of a nuclear power plant will “play a special role” in this process as two strategic new areas and industries for Poland. The policy also includes PLN130 billion of investment in offshore wind projects.

“This is an opportunity to develop domestic industry, develop specialised human resources, create new jobs and generate added value for the national economy,” Kurtyka said. The climate ministry’s plan still has to be adopted by the government.

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