OPINION: The opportunity for Indigenous business to become leaders in developing Canada’s critical minerals supply chains – by Don Bubar and Phil Fontaine (Globe and Mail – February 9, 2021)


Don Bubar is president and CEO of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. and Phil Fontaine is former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

The world is undergoing an economic transformation, and innovative new clean technologies are increasing the pace of change. The International Energy Agency and a 2020 World Bank report noted the increasing role of minerals and metals for a low-carbon future.

Indeed, the energy transition will involve a significant rise in demand for a growing list of non-traditional mineral commodities including lithium, cesium, tantalum, scandium and rare earths referred to as “critical minerals.”

With China now controlling the supply chains for many of these critical minerals, security of supply has become a major concern for governments around the world.

The Canadian Shield is blessed with vast mineral resource wealth, including all of these critical minerals, which remain largely undeveloped because of the lack of appreciation for the economic opportunities they offer.

This not only includes mineral development, but also establishing the downstream supply chains by encouraging innovation on how to process these minerals efficiently and utilize their unique properties in new clean technologies.

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