Repeat After Me: Canada is Uninhabitable Without Fossil Fuels – David Yager – by David Yager ( – January 20, 2020)


Please note, this article is a year old but still very relevant. –

If you remained in Alberta during the first major cold snap of the year and are alive to read this article, you owe your continued existence to fossil fuels; coal, oil and natural gas.

Using Red Deer as an example, from January 12 to 18 the average daytime high was -25.9oC and the nighttime low -34.7oC. It was a bit warmer in the south and colder in the north, but high/low ranges for the entire province were similar.

Without heat from carbon-based plants and animals – either long dead in the form of coal, oil or gas or not yet fossilized wood or grass – we’d all have frozen to death.

On January 15, the coldest day of the period, the Alberta Electrical System Operator reported electricity generated in Alberta came 34.2% from toxic coal and 60.2% from that menace-in-the-making, methane or natural gas. Solar was zero and wind 0.002% (fortunately, it was calm which kept the wind chill down).

Hydroelectricity chipped in 2.3%. Biomass, the term for carbon-based fuel that is escaping fossilization tomorrow through combustion today, contributed the remaining 3.0%. Alberta set an all-time record for electricity consumption during this period.

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