After reading a Halifax Examiner article, two cops showed up at an author reading at Mount Allison University – by Joan Baxter (Halifax Examiner – January 23, 2021)

Joan Kuyek wrote a book about communities protecting themselves from mining companies, and so the RCMP sicced its Criminal Intelligence Section on her.

It was an innocuous event, as most book launches are, but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police didn’t think so, and two officers in plain clothes showed up at Hart Hall at Mount Allison University, apparently concerned by what they read in this Halifax Examiner story and in three Facebook posts advertising the launch.

It’s a perplexing and disturbing tale, and it unfolded like this.

It was the fall of 2019, and Joan Kuyek had just published a new book, “Unearthing Justice: How to protect your community from the mining industry.” She had come east from her home in Ontario for a book tour in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Kuyek is co-founder of MiningWatch Canada, has taught at Algoma University in Sault St. Marie and Queen’s University law school in Kingston, and has worked extensively with many First Nations and other communities to help them understand the mining industry and how best they can protect themselves and the environmental harm it causes.

While in Nova Scotia, she spoke at events in Halifax and Tatamagouche, and also spoke at a “Water Not Gold” rally, as the Examiner reported here, which was held at the Halifax Airport Alt Hotel, where the Mining Association of Nova Scotia was hosting a “gold show.”

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