Any plan for Canada to reach its climate targets must include nuclear – by John Gorman (Financial Post – November 10, 2020)

CanadiansJohn Gorman is president and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Association.

If and their governments want a serious energy plan for Canada, one that doesn’t require sacrificing our economic interests for our social and physical well-being, or vice versa, they need to consider nuclear power.

Nuclear energy is clean, energy-dense carbon-free, and reliable, generating power around the clock, whatever the weather. No plan for Canada to reach its climate targets that doesn’t have nuclear in the mix is credible.

Nuclear power is one of the largest producers of clean electricity around the world and — though people forget this — it’s already one of the most important generators of electricity in Canada, accounting for 15 per cent of production.

With the right investments today, and government policies that don’t block the industry’s development, Canada can use its world-leading expertise in nuclear technology to provide the vast amounts of clean heat and electricity required to make this country’s energy transition clean and economically advantageous.

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