Rubicon Minerals seeks to bury a dubious past: Red Lake mine developer suggests name change at upcoming shareholders meeting – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – May 19, 2020)

A Red Lake mine builder is pondering a name change. Shareholders of Rubicon Minerals will be asked to consider a new name for the company letterhead – Battle North Gold Corporation – at the June 22 annual general meeting.

The name of the proposed mine could also change from the Phoenix Gold Project to the Bateman Gold Project, the township where the development is located.

In a May 19 release, Rubicon said the name change provides a “fresh perspective” on the accomplishments made in over last three and a half years.

“With our project continuing to advance in a positive direction, we believe now is the appropriate time to change the name of the company and the project,” said president-CEO George Ogilvie in a statement, something that embodies “our culture of perseverance, determination, and resilience.”

The possible name change would come in advance of the release of a feasibility study that will springboard the company toward resuming production, halted in 2015.

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