Exploration companies don’t qualify for federal wage top-up – by Nelson Bennett (Business In Vancouver – April 16, 2020)


Right about now, mineral exploration companies will be gearing up for a season of drilling and other exploration activities in B.C.

Last year, junior exploration companies spent $329 million on exploration in B.C., with 55% of that spent in the Golden Triangle area of Northwest BC, according to an annual report by the Association of Mineral Exploration of BC.

Because mining and exploration are deemed essential, junior exploration companies may not be affected by pandemic containment measures as much as some other sectors, although there are enhanced safety measures that they must abide by for things like remote work camps, and changes to the Workers Compensation Act.

And travel restrictions could put a crimp in their activities this summer, depending on how long they remain in place.

In a recent discussion with Preston Parsons, a lawyer at Overholt Law specializing in employment law, the AME recapped the provincial and federal measures to help businesses and workers, as it may apply to the mineral exploration sector.

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