Inquiry into foreign funding of anti-Alberta energy campaigns could shake up enviro charities – by Terence Corcoran (Financial Post – September 18, 2019)

In a drive-by take-down editorial this past weekend, the Globe and Mail blasted Alberta’s public inquiry into foreign funding of anti-Alberta energy campaigns. The editorial had few facts on hand to support its claims, but it let loose with a series of cheap shots, glib commentary and a conclusion that fell back on an ancient tribal chant: “For Alberta to create a public inquiry to go after critics is a McCarthyesque misuse of power.”

Ah, McCarthyism, the old ideological cushion of the lazy lefty — although most Canadians under the age of 50 would have to Google it.

Alberta’s inquiry into the foreign funding of Canada’s green anti-oil activist groups is headed by Steve Allan, by all accounts a solid and objective forensic accountant who is as far from being Joe McCarthy as Mr. Rogers is from being Donald Trump.

The inquiry’s mandate is not without its flaws, but when it reports next year the results could shake a few ramparts in the vast operating arena of Canadian charities. Charged with probing the funding of anti-oil groups, the inquiry has the potential to open a national debate over the tax-free funding of Canada’s environmental organizations.

It might also trigger interest in opening the doors into the strange multibillion-dollar world of Canadian charities, through which tax-free money is pipelined in and out of government with little or no accountability.

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