Sudbury: Federal Green Party pledges investment in sustainable mining (CBC News Sudbury – September 18, 2019)

Platform includes a promise for $40 million for the proposed Sudbury mining innovation cluster

The leader of the federal Green Party of Canada is clarifying some misinformation about the party’s stance on mining. In the party’s platform, there is a line that states that “no new pipelines, or coal, oil or gas drilling or mining, including offshore wells, will be approved.”

The platform also states that the party plans to “support the transition of the mining sector to an innovation hub for greener technologies.”

It also pledges $40 million for the proposed Sudbury-based mining innovation cluster. Some have questioned what the promises mean for the mining sector.

Party leader Elizabeth May says the promise is meant to encourage more sustainable practices in mining. “This is from a Sudbury-based mining support consortium that want to ensure they can reduce their dependence on fuels and do more with electricity,” she said.

“It’s entirely in favour of sustainable mining, not phasing out mining, that’s a bizarre misinterpretation.” May says the investment into greener technologies in mining could impact the market globally.

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