What’s Under Darnley Bay?: The North’s biggest potential mining project is also its most mysterious – by Tim Edwards (Up Here Magazine – November 19, 2015)


At first, it was just another shooting star. But as it moved past the constellations, behind ribbons of aurora, it became larger, brighter. It was heading for Earth. A few prehistoric creatures, swimming through the water on an Arctic bay that would one day be named for a British nobleman and cricketer, might have looked skyward, with the impression that something was off.

But it was likely too late. When the meteorite hit Earth, the impact was so strong it summoned up a ring of magma from beneath the planet’s crust.

That’s a theory. Maybe none of that happened. Right now no one knows exactly what caused an anomaly that makes compasses spin wildly and affects the very gravity of the area. Or what it is. We know it’s big. The blip in gravity right by Paulatuk, NWT, hints at dense rock, and the magnetic disruption hints at iron—symptoms of nickel-copper-platinum mineralisation.

Looking at similar anomalies around the world—like the Sudbury Basin in Ontario or the Olympic Dam in Australia—it might signal the biggest mineral treasure trove Canada’s North has ever seen.

The year is 1954. Marilyn Monroe and Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio tie the knot in San Francisco. Edward R. Murrow and his news crew release a prime-time special going after Senator Joseph McCarthy. And over the tundra coast of the Arctic Ocean, a man named Hank Vuori sits in a Husky aircraft watching a compass go haywire. This is the first hint of something big in Darnley Bay.

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