Opinion: Anti-pipeline B.C. turns its back on Canadian economy – by Clive Cocking (Edmonton Journal – November 30, 2017)


This is now a serious question: do most British Columbians see themselves as Canadians? On current evidence, the answer must be no.

This is demonstrated by the unyielding environmentalist opposition to any pipelines carrying Alberta oil or gas across B.C. to tidewater. The opponents’ only evident concern is in preserving “Beautiful British Columbia.”

Search all the B.C. commentary about this issue and you will not find one comment where the nay-sayers give any consideration to the implications for Canada, let alone for our Alberta neighbours, in their rejection of trans-provincial pipelines. Not even from the government of British Columbia.

The new coalition government (an NDP minority propped up by a few Greens) is among the most hard-line opponents — as zealous as the most devout green activists – having campaigned to “use every tool in the toolbox” to block Kinder Morgan’s $7.4-billion pipeline expansion.

Since the election in May, Premier John Horgan has repeatedly declared that the federally approved twinning of the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline, and tripling of tanker traffic in coastal waters, is “not in B.C.’s best interests.” His government has engaged external counsel to join a legal challenge to the pipeline expansion.

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