Change or lose another 100 000 mining jobs – Cutifani – by Martin Creamer ( – December 4, 2017)

JOHANNESBURG ( – Without change, the South African mining industry would lose another 100 000 jobs, said Anglo American CEO Mark Cutifani, who six years ago accurately predicted the recent 100 000 job demise in South African mining.

“I’ll say it again, absent of change, we’ll lose another 100 000 jobs,” the outspoken Australian forecast once more, while calculating that for every 100 000 jobs lost, one million people are adversely affected.

What’s more, he outlined in a year-end address to journalists that South Africa’s future did “not bear thinking about” if the country could not put its 27% unemployed citizens to work.

While the people would decide who the leaders of South Africa would be – “good, bad or ugly” – the company was committed to working with union leaders, nongovernmental organisations and faith-based leaders and “would not be silent”.

“We’ll argue our position on policy with great passion. We’ll protect our shareholders, our stakeholders and our business partners with steel and determination,” he promised as the country heads towards the momentous elective conference of the African National Congress from December 16 to 18.

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