Pro-Palestinian group in Sudbury wants Canada to ban nickel sales to Israel – by Staff (Sudbury Star – June 22, 2024)

Petition also targets those who sell arms to Israel; Israel’s supporters say it will do nothing to bring peace to the region

A pro-Palestinian group in Sudbury wants the federal government to ban the sale of Canadian nickel to Israel and the arms manufacturers supplying weapons to Israel.

The No Nickel For Genocide Working Group of Palestine Solidarity (Sudbury) has also launched a petition campaign to back its demands. Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus launched the petition on the House of Commons website and in its first week, obtained more than 200 signatures, the group said in a release.

”We are demanding that Canada ban the sale of nickel to Israel directly or to arms manufacturers supplying Israel for as long as they do so,” said Dave Starbuck, who began the petition. “Forty per cent of the nickel used in American manufacturing comes from Canada. This nickel is used to manufacture such weapons as the MX-80 series bombs and the F-16 warplanes that deliver them.

“Canada has banned the sale of armaments to Israel. Our estimate is that US purchases of Canadian nickel for the manufacture of weaponry destined for Israel total around $50 million per year.

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