Opinion: B.C.’s mining sector is at risk of losing jobs, investments and multi-generational opportunities – by Keerit Jutla (Business in Vancouver – June 24, 2024)


Keerit Jutla is president and CEO of the Association for Mineral Exploration.

Exploration is the lifeblood of the mining sector, a precursor to discovery and development that has historically propelled B.C.’s economy forward. It’s a catalyst for innovation, job creation and economic diversification.

Each year, exploration contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to B.C.’s economy and supports thousands of direct and indirect jobs. This is not just about economics—it’s about securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

B.C.’s Critical Minerals Strategy is a visionary blueprint that recognizes the province’s unique position to supply the world with the minerals needed for a lower-carbon future. With 16 of Canada’s 31 critical minerals, including copper and molybdenum, B.C. is poised to be a global leader in the green technology revolution. These minerals are the building blocks for technologies like electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines—technologies that will define our path to a cleaner, sustainable economy.

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