Vale showcases greenhouse that helped regreen Sudbury – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – June 12, 2024)

Company celebrates 50th anniversary of the Godfrey Drive greenhouse that helped the massive Sudbury regreening project

For more than half a century, Vale’s greenhouse on Godfrey Drive in Copper Cliff has been making a beautiful contribution to the community. Vale Base Metals held a celebration June 6 to mark 50 years for the greenhouse in Copper Cliff and the company’s contribution to the regreening of Sudbury.

The facility on Godfrey Drive was built 50 years ago by INCO, but a previous company greenhouse existed in Copper Cliff before that, providing plants and seedlings throughout the community.

Vale environmental engineer Quentin Smith said over the years the greenhouse has played a significant role in Sudbury.

“The work that we’re doing here at Vale’s greenhouse is extremely important. I think everyone is aware that mining companies, the mining industry have had a negative impact on the landscape. And I think this is a scenario where there’s been a large group of people who have collectively recognized a problem and then come together to solve that problem,” said Smith.

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