Gold stolen from Toronto airport was not insured, Air Canada claims in denying responsibility – by Adrian Humphreys (National Post – November 17, 2023)

Airline breaks its silence on Pearson airport gold heist mystery after $20-million load was stolen when it arrived in Toronto on a flight from Switzerland

The cargo container stuffed with gold bars and millions in cash that was stolen from Toronto’s Pearson airport was not insured, according to Air Canada, as the airline denies responsibility for the shocking theft from its cargo facility.

The airline breaks its silence on the alarming theft — the cargo container of $20 million in gold and US$2 million in cash was taken shortly after it arrived on an Air Canada jet from Switzerland — in a statement of defence filed in court in response to a lawsuit by Brink’s, a secure transport company.

The airline’s statement, obtained by National Post, adds details on the mysterious cargo, including that the missing gold was forged into 24 gold bars. Air Canada denies allegations by Brink’s of lax security and negligence in allowing the cargo to be collected by an unknown and unauthorized person less than an hour after arriving at its warehouse on the periphery of the airport.

The airline alleges Brink’s shipped the cargo without declaring its value, without insurance, and without paying extra for additional security.

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