[Alaska] Direct Payment Update: Americans in One State to Get $3,000 Check – by Jon Jackson (Newsweek.com – August 15, 2023)


Some residents of Alaska will soon receive payments of up to $3,284 as a result of oil and gas revenues from 2022. These residents will be paid from Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend. Revenue the state generates from its energy resources goes into the PFD. Created in 1976 to invest oil proceeds for future generations, the Permanent Fund is managed by a state-owned corporation.

Alaska began sending out 2022 payments from the state’s PFD last fall and recently disbursed a portion in July. The latest batch of residents to be paid are scheduled to receive their checks Thursday.

Alaska’s PFD funds are redistributed to residents every year, provided they meet certain criteria. The eligibility requirements include being a resident of Alaska for the entire calendar year before the date of application for a dividend, as well as intending to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely at the time of application.

Residents are not eligible if they were incarcerated or convicted of a felony during the year of application. For anyone seeking to apply, the full list of requirements is available on Alaska’s government website for PFD.

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