Memory Lane: When the Inco Club was the heart of the community – by Jason Marcon ( – September 13, 2023)

For nearly five decades, the Inco Employees Club served as a hub for community, entertainment and more in the city’s downtown core

If a person turns off Elm Street onto Frood Road in downtown Sudbury, they will very quickly come across our city’s nod to the Art Deco form. A grey building that appears triangular at first (not unlike the downtown’s other flatiron buildings) but behind that street-level facade lies an expansive facility that served the community’s needs for nearly 50 years.

Let us now step through its front doors and back in time to immerse ourselves in a little bit of the history as well as some of the special events that were held within the hallowed walls of the Inco Employees Club.

In the summer of 1937, a central feature of the International Nickel Company’s expansive program to improve the entertainment and well-being of its employees was first announced by Vice-President and General Manager Donald MacAskill.

Construction was to be commenced immediately on a recreation and amusement building to be known as the Inco Employees Club. It was to be built on a lot bounded by Monck Street (later to be known as Frood Road), Fir Lane and Fir Street.

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