Guilbeault wants China as ally, serves as adviser to Beijing – by Brian Lilley (Toronto Sun – August 16, 2023)

Trudeau’s environment minister is picking fights with Canada’s premiers while advising the government of coal powered China.

Justin Trudeau’s environment minister, Steven Guilbeault, is pulling double duty as an official adviser to the Chinese government. Turns out, he also wants to make Beijing an ally on the environmental issue and will head to coal-powered China at the end of the month after lecturing Canada’s premiers on using fossil fuels.

During an exclusive interview Guilbeault granted to environmental activist media outlet the National Observer, he acknowledged that he’d be criticized for the trip.

“Maybe some (political opponents) will try and attack me” for traveling to China amid tensions between the two countries, Guilbeault told the National Observer. “I am clearly a lightning rod for some of them, but I think Canadians, in general, will understand how important it is. We can’t solve climate change, you can’t solve the international biodiversity issue, without working with countries like China.”

It might be true that you can’t solve climate change without China, but this is also a country that has engaged in the kidnapping of two of our citizens, regularly engages in economic warfare with Canada and has been credibly accused of interfering in our democracy.

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