Magna Mining planning to reopen Crean Hill mine near Sudbury (CBC News Sudbury – August 8, 2023)

The former Crean Hill mine operated from 1900 to 2002 before being closed

A Sudbury, Ont. mining company is setting its sights on reviving the Crean Hill mine for further exploration. Magna Mining Inc. acquired the mine in 2022. It recently completed a preliminary economic assessment on the mine, and the results of the study indicated the potential for more mineral production.

“What has been shown by the drilling that was done prior to Magna is there’s still a lot of resources left in the ground, a lot of nickel, a lot of copper, a lot of precious metals,” said Jason Jessup, CEO of Magna Mining.

“And that’s really what attracted us.” The Crean Hill mine, which is located near the city of Sudbury, operated between 1900 and 2002 before it was shut down. The underground mine was owned by various companies, including Inco and Vale, and produced nickel and copper.

Jessup said there could have been a number of factors in the decision to close the mine 20 years ago, including nickel prices at the time and the cost to keep operating. He said the closure of the mine did not necessarily mean there was nothing left to produce.

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