Vale Sudbury opens door on its high-tech operations centre – by Len Gillis (Northern Ontario Business – June 22, 2023)

Hundreds of residents attend open house to see what the future holds for Sudbury’s largest mining company

Hundreds of Sudbury residents got a close-up look June 20 at how the largest mining and refining company in Sudbury is moving forward with new technology. The event was the annual Vale community open house, an event that had been cancelled for a couple of years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The venue was Vale’s North Atlantic operations headquarters building in Copper Cliff, also known as the former engineering building.

One of the more popular displays at the event was the tour of Vale’s Integrated Remote Operations Centre (IRoC) which takes up a significant area of the building. Because the technology is new, and because much of the technology is proprietary, no photography or video recording was allowed there.

In a large open area of several hundred square metres, the walls are dominated by large graphics with signs indicating the various Vale mines in large block letters — CREIGHTON — COLEMAN — COPPER CLIFF — TOTTEN — GARSON.

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