Wall Street Journal sees a debt-ceiling copper glow up – by Frik Els (Mining.com – May 19, 2023)


A week or so ago, America’s preeminent financial paper, the Wall Street Journal, in a section called Heard on the Street, made this claim: The Next Big Bull Market Could Be Copper

To those who happened upon your humble reporter’s work for the first time after being piqued (I know I was) by the WSJ article, let me start by saying: You’re welcome! MINING.COM has always believed Orange Metal Good (OMG) and we appreciate a hard hitter like the WSJ joining us in banging the drum for copper. And congratulations for such a dramatic entry into the annals of copper market predictions.

Even this website – where we are not afraid to talk our book – hasn’t made calls this bold.

I was today years old

The piece starts with “I was today years old…”. Okay not really, but Heard on the Street articles don’t usually sound like overheard conversations in line at the Subway on 30 Broad Street, which is the level of this:

“Traditionally seen as an economic indicator, copper is also poised to play a role in the world’s green transition. [Extra mayonnaise please, hold the mustard]” Indicator? Poised? A role?

For the rest of this article: https://www.mining.com/wall-street-journal-sees-a-debt-ceiling-copper-glow-up/