Meet the gold miner intent on proving the Burkina bears wrong – by Peter Ker (Australian Financial Review – April 3,2023)

There is no need for an activist short seller to present the bear case for gold miners working in Burkina Faso. International news outlets such as BBC World provide a regular and thorough list of reasons why nervous investors might want to look elsewhere.

Burkina experienced two military coups last year and is now in a kind of civil war after its current leader, Ibrahim Traore, seized power with a promise to ramp up the fight against militant jihadist groups.

That is why Richard Hyde, managing director of ASX-listed gold producer West African Resources (WAF), has bigger challenges to manage than the shortage of skilled workers that Australian miners regularly bemoan.

“For us in Burkina in the last few years it is general security, making sure we can keep our people safe and feeling they can travel to site and then get home and back safely, so that is what we are really focused on,” he told The Australian Financial Review.

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