OPINION EDITORIALS: Our View: Declare Minnesota what it is, a mining-friendly state (Deluth News Tribune – March 23, 2023)


Of course Minnesota is a mining-friendly state. We’ve been successfully mining here for more than a century and a half, the industry fueling our state economy, propping up our schools, and defining us.

Minnesota mining has been credited for being a key to victory in two world wars. If it wasn’t for Minnesota mining, the bustle and activity at the port of Duluth-Superior, the largest on the Great Lakes, would be a shadow of itself.

It seems unnecessary, but the Minnesota Legislature this year is considering action to officially and formally declare our state as “mining-friendly.” Five of 18 authors of the bill in the House are from Northeastern Minnesota. All five Senate authors represent northern districts. There are both GOP and DFL supporters.

“Mining is the bread and butter of our region, supporting our main streets and family livelihoods,” Rep. Dave Lislegard, DFL-Aurora, a House co-author, said in an exclusive statement in response to a request for comment from the News Tribune Opinion page.

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