Ontario Power Generation urges province to move ahead with new power projects – by Matthew McClearn (Globe and Mail – February 14, 2023)


Ontario Power Generation has urged Ontario’s government to move forward with new hydroelectric generation plants in Northern Ontario.

In a report released Monday, the province’s largest utility told the provincial government that the region contains up to 4,000 megawatts of untapped hydroelectric potential. OPG recommended that planning for new facilities begin immediately, given the long lead times involved.

“There is a clear need to start now,” the report urged Minister of Energy Todd Smith, who had ordered the utility to complete the study in January, 2022. The report arrives at a moment of renewed interest in building new hydro dams, as governments and utilities across the country anticipate significant increases in electricity demand, driven by electric vehicles and other factors.

Dams construction is very expensive relative to competing technologies and can take a decade or more. But according to the International Energy Agency, dams also boast some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per unit of energy generated.

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