To get to net-zero, we will need to make mining ‘nature-positive’, says mining council chief – by Oliver Balch (Reuters – January 27, 2023)

January 27 – The field of sustainable business is littered with apparent oxymorons: “clean coal”, “ethical tobacco”, “responsible gambling”, and now, the latest in this illustrious list, “nature-positive mining”.

That’s right. An industry that revolves around “breaking ground” to extract natural resources is anxious to position itself as a defender of the natural environment. It sounds like poppycock, but could it just be possible?

With the mining sector expected to grow meteorically to meet the demand for minerals to power electric vehicles and wind turbines, many would like it to be – and not just within the industry.

This week saw the launch of the Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030, an initiative by the sector’s financial backers exploring the systemic changes that will be needed to ensure mining companies can ramp up extraction without causing harm to people, communities, and the environment.

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